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WRO 2022 Germany.png

World Robot Olympiad™ Journey

"From humble beginnings in 2010 to soaring heights of achievement,

TESSLAB ROBOTICS has been pushing the boundaries of possibility since 2010. With our groundbreaking achievements and triumphant qualification to WRO since 2016, we continue to redefine what's possible in the realm of LEGO robotics."


WRO 2022 Dortmund, Germany

Theme: My Robot My Friend


RoboSport - Silver

WRO 2021 Elementary Champion.jpeg

WRO 2021 Germany (Online)

Theme: PowerBots


Elementary - Gold

WRO 2019 Hungary.jpg

WRO 2019 Győr, Hungary

Theme: Smart Cities


Robot Football - 4th place & Excellent Award

WRO 2018 Thailand.jpg

WRO 2018 Chang Mai, Thailand

Theme: Food Matters


Robot Football - Bronze & Excellent Award

Senior High - Excellent Award

Junior High - Excellent Award

WRO 2017 Costa Rica.jpg

WRO 2017 San José, Costa Rica

Theme: Sustainabots


Senior High - Silver

Junior High - Silver

WRO 2016 India.jpg

WRO 2016 New Delhi, India

Theme: Rap the Scrap


Senior High - Excellent Award

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