Theme of WRO 2019

Attention to all future participants! It’s time to gear up! The theme of the World Robot Olympiad 2019 has been announced on their website and it is: Smart Cities!

All categories and games will follow this sub-topic and will be related to the problems that emerge in a smart city. There is currently no news as to what challenges are prepared for the regular category but the time is ripe for participants in the Open category to prepare ahead of schedule.

In relation to the Open category, the innovation and solution provided by the team may relate to the design of a smart city or a specific part of the smart city. Smart cities should be interconnected with IoT (Internet of Things) to provide smoother day-to-day activities. Students should not lose sight of this objective when preparing for this category.

We will continue posting about any announcements regarding this competition. All games and rules for this competition will be officially announced on the 15th January 2019, 10am CET.