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This inaugural conference invites 50 delegates from across the world to collaborate.


Join us for an exciting and informative event that will empower you with the tools and skills you need to kickstart your lessons for the 2023 World Robot Olympiad competitions. Our Global Masterclass is designed specifically for keen educators and is packed with hands-on activities, expert-led workshops, and interactive sessions.


Our seasoned instructors have guided students to WRO Championships who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

In addition to the Masterclass workshops, there will be opportunities to network with other educators from other countries.


May 1 - May 5, 2023


Republic of Singapore

WRO 2023 Elementary.jpeg

Global Masterclass

1 May - 5 May, 2023 | Singapore

Masterclass Learning Outcomes 

Day 1

✔️ Unlock Consistent Robot Performance with "Essential MyBlock Movement".

✔️ Take on the Master Trainer in an Intermediate Robot Programming Competition.


Day 2

✔️ Master the Control of the Robot Arm and Claw through Programming

✔️ Gain Hands-On Experience and "Smart Programming" for the <Save-The-Whale> Mission.


Day 3

✔️ Gain Hands-On Experience and "Smart Programming" for <Phase 1: Black & Red Waste> Mission


Day 4

✔️ Gain Hands-On Experience and "Smart Programming" for <Phase 2: Green & Yellow Waste> Mission


Day 5

✔️ Gain Hands-On Experience and "Smart Programming" for <Phase 3: Blue & White Waste> Mission

✔️ Global WRO MasterClass Challenge Trophy



Don't miss this opportunity to take your robotics education to the next level and give your students the competitive edge they need to succeed. Register today. Tickets are limited.

⭐️ Master Trainer Profile

Darren Ng specializes in creating winning robotics solutions that are known to be brutally fast and effective through advanced programming techniques.


In this event, Darren will be teaching his “Smart Programming” Techniques that have helped his teams to win in WRO and other international competitions.


⭐️ Achievements

WRO 2022 (2nd - RoboSport Double Tennis)

WRO 2021 (Champion - Elementary)

WRO 2019 (4th - Robot Football)

WRO 2018 (3rd - Robot Football)

WRO 2017 (2nd - Junior High)

WRO 2017 (2nd - Senior High)



⭐️ Past Country Teams Trained

United States

United Kingdom






United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia





⭐️ International Delegate Passes

39 Early-Bird Delegate Passes @ $999 remaining. (First-Come-First-Served)

** This is a full 5-day immersive Hands-on MasterClass program 'LIVE' in Singapore. **



⭐️ Global Partners Program (GPP)

The Global EV3 MasterClass Committee cordially invites interested parties to come forward to be Global Partners for ticket sales.


Benefits of GPP:

  • Exclusive event discount codes for resale.

  • Featured on global event collaterals as Official Partners.

  • Receive the latest events updates first.


Find out more about the Key Timelines and Special Rates designed for Global Partners:


⭐️ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read more here:



⭐️ About Singapore

Singapore, a vibrant and modern city-state, has been consistently ranked as a top destination for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE). With its world-class infrastructure, diverse cultural experiences, and exceptional hospitality, Singapore offers a unique and memorable experience for MICE events. The country boasts state-of-the-art conference facilities.


In addition, Singapore is well-connected globally, making it accessible to international attendees. With a range of leisure activities, from theme parks to cultural attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy outside of the conference setting. Experience the best of what the world has to offer in Singapore – a top destination for MICE events.

Global Masterclass 2018 trophy.jpg

Darren Ng

Founder & International Robotics Trainer

Engineering our future, one robot at a time.

WRO 2023 Elementary.jpeg

Global Masterclass

1 May - 5 May, 2023 | Singapore

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