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  • How do I get from the airport to my hotel or the conference venue?
    Singapore is well-connected and has a full range of transportation options for your convenience. To find out more: If you require transportation assistance, please fill up this form:
  • What is the local currency and how can I exchange it?
    The local currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollars (SGD $). There are currency exchange counters within Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) or you can exchange them in the city as well.
  • Is it safe to drink tap water in the country?
    Yes, it is. You can also purchase bottled water from any convenience shop easily.
  • What is the climate like during the time of my visit?
    The climate in Singapore in May is warm and humid with average temperatures ranging from 27°C to 33°C (81°F to 91°F). It is usually sunny with some occasional rain showers. The humidity levels are high, so it can feel quite sticky and uncomfortable at times. We recommend that you bring a sweater or warm clothing with you as the training venue will have air conditioning, which can make the atmosphere cool and comfortable. Having a sweater or a light jacket will ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • What should I pack?
    For the Masterclass Event 2 x Pre-built Lego EV3 Robot (Darren’s sample robot Building Instructions will be emailed to you 30 days before the event) Personal Windows Laptop loaded with Lego EV3-G software + Charging Adaptor Spare Lego Parts EV3 Rechargeable Batteries x 2 Charging Adaptor + Cable for EV3 Rechargeable Batteries Personal Smartphone + Charging Adaptor Traveler’s Adaptor. Singapore uses Type G electrical outlets, which are different from other countries. Writing Instruments & Materials Light Jacket Personal Medication, if needed. For the Trip Comfortable and loose attire throughout the event. Comfortable walking shoes Delegate Pass (downloaded in PDF on mobile devices) Data-roaming service or local Singapore Traveler’s SIM Cash & Credit Card for personal expenditure. (We are unsure if your local digital payment methods will work in Singapore)
  • Are there any accommodation deals tied in with the Delegate Pass?
    The Delegate Pass does not include accommodation. Delegates are responsible for making their own arrangements for lodging. We recommend you book your accommodations early to ensure availability.
  • Are meals provided?
    Meals are not included in the Delegate Pass. Delegates should budget for their own meal expenses during the event. Singapore offers a diverse range of food options to suit all dietary preferences, including Halal options. Whether you're looking for local cuisine or international dishes, you're sure to find something to satisfy your tastes. If you have any additional concerns regarding food options, please feel free to contact We will be more than happy to assist you in finding a suitable dining option.
  • How much should I budget for daily expenditure in Singapore?
    Delegates visiting Singapore can expect to budget around SGD 100 - 500 (USD 60-75) per day for personal expenditure which includes food, transportation, and leisure activities. Read here for more details. This is just an estimate and the actual cost may vary depending on personal preferences, style of travel, and current exchange rates. As an estimate, a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal would cost SGD 8 - 13 (inclusive of taxes).
  • Time zone Matters
    Singapore's time zone is Universal Time Coordinated +8 hours (UTC+8). To adjust to Singapore's time zone: Time zone converter: You can use online time zone converters, such as, to determine the equivalent time in Singapore compared to their home country. Allow for jet lag: You should allow for jet lag and try to get a good night's sleep on the plane or when they arrive in Singapore. Gradually adjust to the new time zone: You can try to gradually adjust to the new time zone by setting your clock ahead by 30 minutes each day before your trip. Avoid caffeine and alcohol: You should avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol as these can disrupt your sleep and make it harder to adjust to the new time zone. Get plenty of sunlight: You can get plenty of sunlight during the day and try to avoid napping in order to help your body adjust to the new time zone.
  • What does the Delegate Pass include?
    5 Full Days EV3 Masterclass Conference Workbook on “Smart Programming” Techniques from Master Trainer Darren Ng Hands-on Mentorship for WRO Elementary 2023
  • What is the language medium used in this event?
    English will be the official language for all communication channels throughout this event. The instruction at this Masterclass and its materials will also be in English.
  • What is the schedule and is there time for personal traveling?
    The Masterclass runs from 01 May 2023, Monday to 05 May 2023, Friday 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (local time) daily. You may schedule your personal agenda outside of event hours. Daily Schedule can be found on our event ticketing site:
  • What level is this Masterclass and for whom?
    The Global EV3 Masterclass 2023 is for: Instructors who want to lead their teams to represent their countries in global WRO competitions. Beginner instructors who have basic programming experience with Lego EV3-G Software Beginner instructors who want hands-on mentorship of WRO Elementary 2023, by using Darren’s “Smart Programming” techniques. Instructors who want to help their students gain mastery of Lego EV3 Robots Instructors who want to participate in WRO 2023 Instructors who want to enhance their professional portfolios and advance their careers through participation in the masterclass Instructors who value the opportunity to develop new skills in a supportive and inspiring environment. Instructors who want access to expert knowledge and key industry leaders who are passionate about sharing their expertise. Instructors who want key insights into current trends and best practices.
  • How Do I Maintain Contact After The Event?
    You may keep in touch with everyone through our various social media platforms.
  • What are the entry requirements for Singapore?
    Public Health General Requirements Check here to see if you require a Visa for entry into Singapore. Useful Links:
  • I need more details and information. Who can I talk to?
    You may contact Kenneth via
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